In and on collocations are hard to learn. Sometimes the word combinations make sense, but other times you need to throw logic out the window and memorize the collocations.

Here are 25 collocations with in and on. Test yourself to find out which collocations you know, and which collocations you still need to practice.

The collocations from this exercise come from this article on in and on tendencies and collocations. It may be helpful to read the article before trying the exercise.

Also try In and On Collocations 2.

Instructions: Decide whether in or on completes the collocation.

1. If I give you the name of the product, can you tell me if you have it ____ stock?

2. Mark said he’ll put the pictures from the event ____ our Instagram account.

3. I use a credit card for everything. I can’t remember the last time I paid for something ____ cash.

4. When was the last time this battleship was ____ use?

5. Hospital workers are threatening to go ____ strike if their demands aren’t met.

6. Joan fought with her sister for years, but now it seems like they are ____ good terms.

7. You shouldn’t repeat things that you were told ____ confidence.

8. Are blueberries ____ season right now? I want to make a pie.

9. Learning a few phrases in Spanish is easy. If you give it a shot, ____ no time you’ll be able to communicate some basic ideas.

10. Traditional cable television is becoming less popular. People want to be able to watch their favorite shows ____ demand instead of only at certain times.

11. We need to talk about things ____ depth before making a decision.

12. After the bombings, the city was ____ ruins.

13. Do you try to keep ____ touch with your friends from college?

14. Whenever possible, you should have important conversations with people ____ person, not over the phone.

15. Why are you arguing with me? I thought you were ____ my side.

16. Gilberto says he is ____ the middle of something right now. Can he call you back later?

17. If an artist isn’t present at the ceremony, someone else will accept the award ____ their behalf.

18. If everyone is ____ agreement, let’s start the meeting.

19. ____ average, Melinda spends about $100 a week on groceries.

20. It’s a very popular decision. I think the whole company is ____ board with it.

21. Should we put the title ____ italics?

22. I know it’s only a two-dollar charge, but I refuse to pay it ____ principle. It’s unfair, and the bank shouldn’t take advantage of people like that.

23. Detectives are questioning someone right now ____ connection with the crime.

24. We can send you a formal job offer ____ writing by the end of the day.

25. Most companies in that industry saw a drastic increase ____ sales this year.

For more practice, see the Practice Exercise section of the site.