This exercise, as well as this one, go with this article on preposition mistakes that English learners make. Read the article, and then try the practice exercise.

Instructions: Decide which preposition is missing. In some cases, no preposition is needed.

1. Do you know how long it would be to travel from London to Brighton ____ train?

2. I’d appreciate it if you didn’t discuss ____ politics at the dinner table.

3. A worryingly high percentage of incoming college freshmen will never graduate ____ college.

4. Our customers tend to get frustrated if we don’t respond ____ their requests right away.

5. You two look like twins. I can’t believe you’re not related ____ each other.

6. Some people prefer to go out for a drink instead of going ____ home right after work.

7. After getting over an illness, your diet should consist ____ mostly bland food.

8. Many people feel that all other types of ketchup are inferior ____ Heinz.

9. Professor McGillicuddy was surprised by my writing skills. He said he didn’t know I was capable ____ such high quality work.

10. Should we be worried ____ layoffs?

11. In your culture, do people take off their shoes before entering ____ the house?

12. Some criminals walk free despite ____ an overwhelming amount of evidence against them.

13. Dan had a house in this neighborhood when he was still married ____ his first wife.

14. My aunt was telling us how she thinks social media is responsible ____ society’s decline.

15. I’ve never been ____ Venice, but I’d absolutely love to.

16. How long have you been waiting ____ your package to arrive?

17. Sandra says she had to fill ____ dozens of forms when she applied for residency here.

18. If you have a migraine, perhaps you shouldn’t sit near ____ the window. It’s really bright out.

19. A surprisingly large number of people get addicted ____ Facebook games.

20. I studied Spanish ____ four years in high school, but I didn’t really learn much.

21. Melanie had amassed a small fortune, but she never bragged ____ her money or her success.

22. The meal was accompanied ____ a fine French wine.

23. Some visitors to the United States find it strange that store clerks smile ____ their customers.

24. Have you ever accidentally walked out of a store without paying ____ something?

25. I think I did well on the test. I had the same answers ____ Gustavo, and he always gets good grades.

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