This exercise goes with this article on idioms for describing moods. Read the article and then try the practice exercise.

Instructions: For each number, a word is missing from the idiom. How many of the missing words can you identify?

1. Many of the passengers looked shaken ____ when the pilot announced that the plane was having mechanical problems.

2. I had some ____ in my stomach before the big speech, but once I got out on stage I felt fine.

3. Tommy was bummed ____ about his favorite TV show getting cancelled.

4. After the layoffs, everyone in the office was a bit ____ edge.

5. Why are you so grumpy today? Did you wake up on the wrong ____ of the bed or something?

6. I almost jumped out of my ____ when I noticed there was a shark swimming near me.

7. Carlos had a reputation for being extremely calm, so everyone couldn’t believe it when he flew off the ____ one day at work.

8. Voters were fed ____ with politicians, so they voted for someone with no political experience.

9. I can’t imagine what it must feel like to win the World Cup. Those players must feel like they’re on top of the ____.

10. Being on vacation always puts our entire family in ____ spirits.

11. Hearing someone say I look like Natalie Portman ____ my day. She’s gorgeous.

12. Kurt hasn’t been getting much sleep because of the new baby. He’s feeling a bit out of ____ right now.

13. I was ____ the zone at my basketball game last night. I couldn’t miss.

14. Everyone on the police force was on pins and ____ during the hostage situation.

15. My son was tickled ____ when he got his favorite player’s autograph.

16. My best friend is mad at me and won’t forgive me no matter what I do. I’m at my ____ end right now.

17. I’ve had it ____ to here with all this rainy weather. When is the sun going to finally come out?

18. Telemarketers make my blood ____. I can’t stand them.

19. As a parent, it’s important to never ____ your cool in front of your kids.

20. Marty was on cloud ____ when he found out he’d been made partner at the law firm.

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