This is the second practice exercise in a series of exercises on in and on collocations. How many of the collocations do you know?

The collocations from this exercise come from this article on in and on tendencies and collocations. It may be helpful to read the article before trying the exercise.

Also try In and On Collocations 1.

Instructions: Decide whether in or on completes the collocation.

1. Most lawyers would recommend that you not comment ____ the case.

2. By show of hands, who is ____ favor of these measures?

3. My son’s teacher stays after school every day to tutor her students, and she never asks for anything ____ return.

4. It’s a popular restaurant, so many people decide to make reservations weeks ____ advance.

5. Miguel has to get up early for work, but he insists ____ staying up late to watch his soccer team play.

6. Management books recommend praising ____ public and criticizing ____ private.

7. Are you ____ the mood for Italian or Thai food?

8. ____ some respects, the two candidates aren’t that different from each other.

9. The TOEFL is a difficult test. The speaking section, ____ particular, gives students a lot of difficulty.

10. Paul is ____ his way to the meeting, but he’s stuck ____ traffic right now.

11. Jennifer is on the police force, but wasn’t ____ duty the night of the shooting.

12. Joan wants to buy a home, so she’s cutting back ____ unnecessary expenses.

13. If you live in San Francisco, you’re going to have to spend a lot of money ____ rent.

14. Mark’s grandmother is 96 years old and still ____ good health.

15. Our supervisor isn’t here, and no one is sure who is _____ charge at the moment.

16. It’s a tough decision, and I can’t make up my mind. I’ve been ____ the fence about it for a while.

17. I’ve learned a lot about Japanese culture from the Japanese family that lives ____ my block.

18. What was number one ____ the list of top travel destinations in the United States?

19. Traveling to Europe is really expensive and we shouldn’t spend the money. ____ the other hand, we could really use a vacation.

20. Which party is ____ control of the Senate right now?

21. I like camping, but I don’t know if I’m interested ____ spending an entire week in the woods.

22. We struggled for months with this project, but now I feel like we’re finally back ____ track.

23. Our mayor needs to be more ____ tune with the city’s residents.

24. So many species in the Amazon are ____ the verge of extinction.

25. Patricia interviewed so well for the position that she was offered the job ____ the spot.

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