The phrasal verbs in this exercise come from this article. Read the article and then try the practice exercise.

Instructions: For each number, a word is missing from the phrasal verb. How many of the missing words can you identify?

1. My son is ____ up money for a new PlayStation.

2. Before you buy a new car, you’ll definitely want to shop ____ and compare offers at different dealerships.

3. Groceries stores are usually crowded right before snow storms. People want to stock ____ on food and other supplies before the storm comes.

4. We can’t afford to go on vacation right now. We’re just getting ____ as it is.

5. In some countries, bribes are a part of life and you have to frequently pay ____ government officials.

6. When our air conditioner broke, my wife and I had to dip ____ our savings.

7. It seems like everyone is trying to cash ____ on 80s nostalgia. There are like five TV shows set in the 80s right now.

8. After years of financial losses, Pan Am Airlines ____ under in 1991. They were in business for over 60 years.

9. Donny asked his parents to bail him ____ after his business venture
failed spectacularly.

10. When home values went down, people started buying ____ houses in this neighborhood.

11. Even though it was happy hour, we ran ____ a bill of $200 in under an hour.

12. I won a bet with my best friend, and it took her almost six months to ____ up.

13. I saw the same car with the same mileage for about 20% less at another dealership. I got ripped ____.

14. When are college costs going to stop rising? People shouldn’t have to take ____ a second mortgage just so they can send their kids to school.

15. We’re trying to cut ____ on costs, but we don’t want to take away all our employee’s perks.

16. Jimmy got free tickets to the game, but he says he had to shell ____ $50 for parking.

17. Being smart with your money is important, but it’s also good to splash ____ every once in a while.

18. Do you have any tips for how to ____ money on car insurance?

19. My insurance will cover part of the bill, but I’m going to have to ____ up the difference.

20. Many people spend decades trying to pay ____ their college loans.

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