Here are 25 preposition collocations you should know. Test yourself and see which collocations you know, and which ones you still need to practice.

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Instructions: For each number, decide which preposition is missing from the collocation.

1. Are you content ____ your apartment?

2. If you enjoy our videos, please subscribe ____ our YouTube channel.

3. If you diet consists ____ fast food and microwaveable dinners, your immune system will suffer.

4. President Obama succeeded ____ passing the Affordable Care Act.

5. This article is completely devoid ____ factual information.

6. Los Angeles is notorious ____ its horrendous traffic.

7. Some countries have laws that prohibit advertisers ____ directly mentioning their competitors.

8. Do you know how to legally dispose ____ old laptop batteries?

9. One of our employees was accused ____ lying on his resume.

10. All of our representatives are committed ____ offering unparalleled customer service.

11. Ann Rule is famous ____ her true crime novels.

12. What high school student isn’t addicted ____ social media?

13. Karla is anxious ____ giving her first presentation in English.

14. It was difficult to separate our dog ____ her puppies.

15. Our school principal was dismissed ____ his position after accusations that he helped students cheat on standardized tests.

16. It’s unhealthy to mostly focus ____ the negative things in your life.

17. Our team is composed ____ experienced tutors.

18. Our CEO didn’t say that layoffs were coming, but I think we can infer ____ her comments that people are going to lose their jobs.

19. I’m fed up ____ all this cold weather. When is it going to get warm?

20. This memorial is dedicated ____ all the soldiers who lost their lives serving their country.

21. Some people think we shouldn’t be so dependent ____ foreign imports.

22. Spirit Airlines appeals ____ budget-minded travelers.

23. Paul is always bragging ____ his children’s achievements.

24. Some of my students could benefit ____ additional tutoring.

25. Maria was delighted ____ the gifts we gave her for Mother’s Day.

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