This is the third practice exercise in a series of exercises on preposition collocations.

Test yourself below and see which collocations you know, and which ones you need to practice.

Also try Preposition Collocations 1, Preposition Collocations 2, and Preposition Collocations 4.

Instructions: For each number, decide which preposition is missing from the collocation.

1. Carla wants to name her son ____ her grandfather, but her husband wants to give their child an original name.

2. For many years, females in tech fields were made to feel inferior ____ their male counterparts.

3. Some athletes object ____ answering personal questions during interviews.

4. It took many years for Spencer to be able to joke ____ his failed career as a singer.

5. I look identical ____ my older brother. Some people think we’re twins.

6. It seems like all these tech companies are intent ____ collecting our personal data and selling it.

7. People who invested ____ Bitcoin in 2009 no longer have to work.

8. Don’t just punish you kids for bad behavior—praise them ____ positive behavior too.

9. Frank was engaged ____ his fiancée for two years before he got married.

10. If you are absent ____ class, please get the notes from a classmate.

11. Do all minors have to be accompanied ____ an adult on international flights?

12. Companies that are cruel ____ animals will never get my business.

13. Some well-known people, including Drew Barrymore, have converted ____ Judaism.

14. For whatever reason, a larger percentage of children are now allergic ____ peanuts.

15. My grandmother always kept her cash in the freezer because she felt that it would never occur ____ thieves to check the freezer for valuables.

16. Hip hop artists often collaborate ____ other artists.

17. The average voter isn’t aware ____ the complexities of this issue.

18. By age 40, I was certain ____ myself and my place in the world.

19. Great professional athletes are indifferent ____ criticism from fans.

20. iPhone sales account ____ almost 70% of Apple’s revenue.

21. Most restaurants don’t charge ____ refills on drinks.

22. I’m sure his attorney won’t comment ____ the case.

23. Many people are proud of their countries but ashamed ____ their governments.

24. Who did you bet ____ in the Super Bowl?

25. These craters were formed when asteroids crashed ____ the surface of the planet.

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