This is the fourth practice exercise in a series of exercises on preposition collocations.

Test yourself below and see which collocations you know, and which ones you need to practice.

Also try Preposition Collocations 1, Preposition Collocations 2, and Preposition Collocations 3.

Instructions: For each number, decide which preposition is missing from the collocation.

1. The fire caused some damage ____ the exterior of the building.

2. Early detection is the key ____ surviving cancer.

3. Your positive example as a parent has a huge impact ____ your children.

4. Nicole is the heir ____ her father’s $50 million estate.

5. Sending a thank-you card after a job interview can give you an advantage ____ the competition.

6. Our English program places an emphasis ____ writing.

7. The witnesses gave a description ____ the attacker.

8. I watched an interview with an expert ____ terror groups and online radicalization.

9. Ignorance of the law is no excuse ____ breaking it.

10. I’ve definitely heard this word before, but I don’t know the definition ____ it.

11. Some educators object to the idea ____ for-profit education.

12. We need to make a great impression ____ this client.

13. Most people from my country have a preference ____ freshly-prepared food.

14. Delays ____ child support payments can result in legal action.

15. Mr. Richards is serving a life sentence and has no hope ____ ever being released from prison.

16. Which sunscreen offers the best protection ____ the sun?

17. My daughter’s teachers deserve a lot of credit ____ preparing her for college.

18. Europeans find it strange that American television has advertisements ____ prescription medications.

19. Congratulations ____ your promotion!

20. Our supervisor has a reputation ____ losing his temper.

21. Do you have any memory ____ being in preschool?

22. Our Dean of Students has been a member ____ our faculty for over 20 years.

23. My cousin always showed a lot of interest ____ computers and programming, so he got a degree in computer science.

24. In college, I had the opportunity to take a class ____ photography.

25. What was your reaction ____ the surprise ending?

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