Words and Expressions for Talking About Positive People

You probably know someone who always has a positive attitude no matter what happens in their life.

Or maybe you yourself are one of these rare people. (If so, good for you!)

We have a variety of words and expressions for describing people like this. Here are some idioms, nouns, and verbs you should know.

to always looks on the bright side

Someone who always looks on the bright side always sees the positive aspects of a situation.

“It’s a shame I lost my job, but I’m going to look on the bright side. I’m going to take a few months to stay at home with my kids, which is something I’ve always wanted to do.”

“We try to hire people who always look on the bright. We don’t want people’s negativity affecting our work.”

If he’s someone who always looks on the bright side, he’ll see this as a opportunity to learn more about auto repair. (Photo by Kamoompics from Pexels)

to see the glass half full

Someone who sees the glass half full views situations with hope and positivity.  We can also say that someone has a glass-half-full attitude. The opposite is to see the glass half empty or to have a glass-half-empty attitude.

“Like many entrepreneurs, Gina had a tendency to see the glass half full.”

“Despite the many challenges they will face, many members of Generation Z have a glass-half-full attitude about their future prospects.”

(Photo by novelrobinson from Pixabay)

to see things through rose-colored glasses

Someone who sees things through rose-colored glasses sees things in a positive way.

“Successful elementary school teachers tend to see the world through rose-colored glasses.”

“Mark tends to view his high school experience through rose-colored glasses. I think I’m a little more objective about it.”

Everything looks pink and wonderful if you’re wearing glasses like these. (Photo by Derek Gavey on Flickr)

to have a can-do attitude

Someone who has a can-do attitude takes a confident, positive approach toward problems, challenges, and issues.

“We chose Melanie to be our realtor because her can-do attitude inspires confidence.”

“In job interviews, you want to do your best to let your can-do attitude shine.”

A message from a yoga enthusiast with a can-do attitude. (Image by mohamed_hassan from Pixabay)

to not let anything get one down

Someone who doesn’t let anything get them down refuses to let negative events influence their state of mind.

“I had three failed businesses before I finally had success as a business owner. I always knew I’d be successful one day, and I never let failure get me down.”

“A lot of people told Melissa she’d never make a living as an artist, but she never let their comments get her down.”

Students who don’t let things get them down are the ones who end up finishing their studies. (Photo by robtowne0 from Pixabay)

optimist (n.), optimistic (adj.)

An optimist is a hopeful person who expects good things from the future. The adjective form is optimistic.

“John always thinks his favorite football team is going to win the championship. I don’t know how someone can be such an eternal optimist.”

“Our country is facing myriad challenges at the moment, yet many young people are optimistic about the future.”

A sign written by an optimist. (Photo by marc falardeau from Flickr)

idealist (n.), idealistic (adj.)

An idealist is someone who envisions a perfect world and believes that great things are possible even when other people don’t.

“I’m glad you’re such an idealist. The world needs people who really believe positive change is possible.”

“The protesters are mostly young, idealistic students.”

Gandhi was a famous idealist. (Photo by wikiImages from Pixabay)

romantic (n.)

A romantic has an idealized, unrealistic view of reality. (This term has multiple meanings. We can also use it to talk about someone who often shows love and affection to their significant other.)

“My brother is a romantic and has an idealized view of the government and its roles in people’s lives.”

“Parenting is a huge challenge and there are going to be difficult days. You need to be more of a realist and less of a romantic.”

If you think all your time parenting is going to be this much fun, then you might be a bit of a romantic. (Photo by Luis Quintero from Pexels)

upbeat (adj.)

An upbeat person is cheerful and optimistic.

“Throughout my travels I have met many people living in impoverished areas who are surprisingly upbeat.”

“How it it possible for you to always be so upbeat this early in the morning?”

This woman looks like she’s incredibly upbeat. (Photo by bruce mars from Pexels)

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