This exercise goes with this article. Read the article, and then try the practice exercise.

Instructions: Decide which word is missing from each collocation.

1. I’m teaching my son how to catch. I make him stick out his hands, and then I throw the ball ____ him.

2. Some of the neighbors’ kids threw eggs ____ our house on Mischief Night.

3. My cousin is a cardiologist. She’s performing surgery ____ the hospital right now.

4. How long were you ____ the hospital when you had your shoulder surgery?

5. Before I learned how to do my job, I felt like I was just getting ____ the way of my coworkers.

6. I’m so glad there’s a Starbucks ____ my way to work.

7. I don’t understand why the train isn’t here. It’s always ____ time.

8. What time is it? Are we going to get to the movie ____ time to see the previews?

9. I shouted ____ John, but he had his earbuds in and didn’t hear me.

10. Working in customer service takes a lot of self-control. Sometimes I want to shout ____ our customers for making such ridiculous requests, but I can’t.

11. You’ll lose weight if you substitute soda ____ water.

12. Can I substitute something else ____ the eggs in this recipe? I’m a vegan.

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