Practice Exercises for Advanced Learners

Preposition Collocations 1
Preposition Collocations 2
Preposition Collocations 3
Preposition Collocations 4 (see article on preposition collocations)
Common Preposition Mistakes 1  (see article)
Common Preposition Mistakes 2 (see article)
Commonly Confused Preposition Collocations (see article)
In and On Collocations 1
In and On Collocations 2 (see article on in and on collocations)
Euphemisms (see article)
Phrasal Verbs for Talking about Money  (see article)
Idioms for Talking about Family (see article)
Idioms for Describing Moods (see article)
Idioms About School, Education, and Academic Learning (see article)
Idioms About Crime and Criminal Justice (see article)
Word Usage Mistakes (see article)
Collocations About College and University Life
Sports Collocations with Do, Play, Go, and Practice (see article)