This exercise, as well as this one, go with this article on preposition mistakes that English learners make. Read the article, and then try the practice exercise.

Instructions: Decide which preposition is missing. In some cases, no preposition is needed.

1. Are organic fruits and vegetables really superior ____ conventional produce?

2. I’ve played golf dozens of times, but I’m still bad ____ it.

3. Who were the police looking ____ ?

4. Portuguese is similar ____ Spanish.

5. Before we start packing, let’s put some music ____.

6. I’m not sure I feel comfortable asking ____ a raise in my first year with the company.

7. We all took Lucas out for drinks to congratulate him ____ his promotion.

8. Critics of the program say it does the opposite ____ what it was intended to do.

9. I can remember sitting on the back porch and listening ____ baseball games on the radio.

10. A lot of people here prefer foreign cars ____ American cars.

11. Come sit ____ the fire and I’ll get you a hot cup of coffee.

12. We arrived ____ Sydney absolutely exhausted from our 36-hour journey.

13. In spite ____ all the difficulties in his life, Patricia always kept a positive outlook.

14. Everyone planning on attending ____ the convention must submit the registration form by March 15.

15. I’m not sure what I’m going to do. I’m still thinking ____ it.

16. I’m glad my grandmother left me her earrings in her will. I think ____ her every time I wear them.

17. Is this the key ____ the front door or the back door?

18. The new housing development is close ____ two major highways.

19. I always dream ____ driving an out of control vehicle. Do you have any idea what these dreams might mean?

20. What actions does the government need to take to prevent additional tragedies ____ happening?

21. I sent my supervisor an email asking if I could take tomorrow off, but she hasn’t answered ____ me yet.

22. Bye! See you ____ next Sunday at church.

23. I try to be ____ time for work, but punctuality is not one of my strengths.

24. I hope I get my voter registration card ____ time for the election.

25. Some of the witnesses in this case lack ____ credibility.

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