The idioms in this exercise come from this article. Read the article and then try the practice exercise.

Instructions: Complete the idiom with the missing word or words.

1. Everyone in the family has at least a master’s degree except for Timmy, who never graduated high school. He’s definitely the black ____ of the family.

2. Abby’s family is one of the wealthiest families in Houston. She was born with a silver….

3. In a family that large, there’s definitely going to be some ____ blood between family members.

4. Bill and his father are both headstrong, stubborn people. I guess the apple doesn’t…

5. Do you plan to follow in your mother’s _____ and also become a lawyer?

6. I’m just like my father was when he was my age. His friends tell me I’m a chip off…

7. Who ____ the pants in your family: your mom or you dad?

8. You’ve got about five years left with hair. Baldness ____ in your family.

9. Gary’s son had some rebellious teenage years, but through it all he remained Gary’s pride and ____.

10. Michelle is the spitting _____ of her mother. They look exactly the same.

11. Baseball is ____ my blood. My great grandfather played professional in the 1920s.

12. Brett is lucky that he ____ along with everyone in his entire family. They all have great relationships with one another and no family drama.

13. My dad loves us all, of course, but Cheryl is the ____ of his eye.

14. I have to side with my brother in this argument. Blood is ____ than water.

15. Everyone in our office gets along great. We’re just one big happy ____.

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