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12 Common Internet Acronyms in English

Have you ever scrolled through Twitter, Facebook, or some other social media site and found yourself wondering what people are talking about? The Internet is loaded with slang terms and acronyms that developed to accommodate rapidly evolving technology. As a result, it might be difficult to identify the exact meaning and tone of strangers, or even friends and family, that you’re talking to online or messaging on your phone. This can lead to a frustrating breakdown in communication.

That’s where Get More Vocab comes in! Here, we’ll look at some of the most commonly used internet acronyms, what they mean, and when to use them.

Try these out next time you’re engaged in a discussion online or texting someone you know!

BRB – be right back
Alerting someone you’re talking to that you’re going to leave the conversation briefly.
Example: Hey, I’ll brb. I need to answer a phone call.

BTW – by the way
Introducing an idea or topic that may be sort of related to the current conversation or not related at all.
Example: Oh, btw, I forgot to tell you earlier, but the new Star Wars movie is awesome!

FTW – for the win
Showing extreme enthusiasm for something or someone.
I love the way that Michael stood up to that bully. Michael FTW!

GOAT – greatest of all time
Claiming that a person is the best in a given field.
LeBron James is the GOAT when it comes to professional basketball.

HBD – happy birthday
Sending good wishes to someone on their birthday
HBD! I hope you have a great day.

HBU – how about you?
Someone asked you a question, and you are asking them the same question in return.
I am doing very well, thanks for asking! Hbu?

IDC – I don’t care
Showing a disinterest in the current topic or demonstrating apathy or sarcasm.
What do I want for dinner tonight? IDC. I’ll eat anything.

IDK – I don’t know
Telling someone you are unsure or ignorant about something.
IDK how much longer I’ll be here. You can start the movie without me.

IKR – I know, right?
Agreeing with someone about something

Person 1: I love the new song by Metallica!
Person 2: IKR? It is amazing!

NVM – nevermind
Indicating that something you said or asked before is no longer relevant.
Person 1: I’m sorry, can you remind me what you wanted from the store?
Person 2: NVM. I’ll go to the store later and get it myself.

TBH – to be honest
Being frank, blunt, or honest about something
Example: I don’t really want to go to the beach today tbh. It is too crowded.

WYD – What are you doing?
Asking someone about their current activity
Example: WYD? Do you want to grab some coffee?

Tip: You can write any of these in all-capital letters to intensify its meaning or highlight its importance in a sentence!

Of course, there are hundreds of acronyms you can use to help you communicate better online–these are just some of the most common. Next time you’re chatting with your friends in English, try to use some of these to make your conversation faster or more efficient!

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